Snippet from "Thule Times"
Snippet from "Thule Times"

AIRCOM Members do top notch communication job.


Vol. 9, July 27 1962


By TSgt. H. L. Horton.


"Yes sir", the sergeant said emphatically. "I believe we have the highest morale of any outfit. Large or small, in the Air Force, and" he grinned, "wait until you sink your teeth into some of the fried chicken we're having for dinner." The speaker was SMSgt. Charles D. Bell, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Thule AIRCOM site manager, with the senior NCO at the wheel of the metro truck. We were bouncing our way to the 1983d Comm. Sq. site on top of N. mountain, some six miles from Thule proper.

"Some folks might say we're isolated being so far from the base" Bell continued, "But with our own mess, living and working area so close together we believe we live better than most people on the Base," He went on to explain that the site had it's own power and heating plant. The Base supplies them with food and water and takes away the waste. The day room has a radio set, tuned to Thule AFRTS, their is also a record player well supplied with the latest records airmen themselves, and Armed Forces Film Library furnaces them wit movies which they run on their own projector whenever they wish. "Even when road is closed by Phase winds or sleep snow, we're entirely self-sufficient" the sergeant continued.





Photo by: Jim Musser



Photo by: Dick Wangler





Extra, read all about it...
Extra, read all about it...



Some former North mountaineers......
Some former North mountaineers......





Bld. #.


Phil Knox

Base Power Plants


AC&W site on North mountain..

Email to: Phil Knox
Dick Wangler

Antenna team, North/south montain

09-52 to 12-52

Email to: Dick Wangler
Del Sherfey

North Mountain-Power Maint.

0756 to 0757

356 AAA Det.

Email to:
Arthur M. Pierce

Transmitter Site

11/1952 to 12/52 & 54

1872nd AACS Sqdn

Email to:
Thomas Q. Osbron

Transmitter and Beacon site

Jan. 53 to: Jan. 54

Email to: Thomas Q. Osbron
Robert G. Hinson

Transmitter site

0155 to 0256

North Mountain

Email to: Robert G. Hinson
David R. Soderquist (Rick)

transmitter electronic technician


North Mountain Barracks...only one there

Email to: David R. Soderquist (Rick)
A/2C Donald (TEX) Self

North Mountain Power Plant Operator

0253 - 0254

Dont Remember

Email to: A/2C Donald (TEX)  Self
Kenny Sorensen

North Mountain power plant

1959 to 1961

Email to: Kenny Sorensen
Joe Chajko

Power Plant North Mt.

0457 to 0458

North Mt.

Email to: Joe Chajko
Jim Musser

Transmitter Site

1961 to 1962

North Mountain

Email to: Jim Musser
Wayne Rasco

Power Plant

1261 - 1262

North Mountain

Email to: Wayne Rasco
Kenneth G Sorensen

Power Plant

59 to 60

North Mntn.

Email to: Kenneth G Sorensen
Gary Foster

North Mountain

0358 to 0359

Army Air Defence Command Post

Email to:
Benny Knudsen

North mountain

0887 - 0688

426, 445

Email to:
Ace Froom

North Mountain Transmitters

1968 - 1970


Email to:
Flemming Broksø

Nordbjerget, Comm.

1985 - 1987


Email to:
Claus Jensen

N-MTN / 113

Aug 99 - ?

356 / 124

Email to: Claus Jensen
Claus Gonnsen


Okt. 93  To: Aug. 98

334, 231

Email to:
Freddie Møller

Comm, N mnt.

1985 to 1995


Email to: Freddie Møller
Jørgen Fogt

North Mountain

0972 to 0180


Email to: Jorgen  Fogt
L. Dennis Shapiro

IGY Stn North Mountain

6/57 - 5/58

North Mountain

Email to: L. Dennis Shapiro
Bob Howton

North Mountain Transmitter Site

July 71 to July 72

Don't remember

Email to:
David Coyle

North mountain

1961 - 1962

North mountain

Email to: David Coyle
Jim Laird

North Mountain

Aug 68 to: Aug 69


Email to:
Kim I.D.Madsen


Juni 1980 to Nov 1981


Email to: Kim I.D.Madsen
Bjarne Eriksen

Comm. Primært NMTN


354 432 453 212 215 123 254 351 253

Email to: Bjarne Eriksen
Henning Bendix Petersen

telephone maintenance

73 - 75


Email to:
Thomas Graasten

North Mountain, South Mountain

0895 - 0896


Email to: Thomas Graasten
Lars Hansen

Transmitter Site, NMTN

1997 - 1998

Bld. 335

Email to: Lars Hansen
Roger Deicher

931 AC&W

Mar 53-Mar 54

North Mtn & P-Mtn

Email to: Roger Deicher
Robert "Bob" L. Burns

1983rd AACS Sq - Power Maint

1252 - 1253

Transmitter Site - Quonset Hut

Email to: Robert
Aksel Ludvigsen

North Mountain

March 1974 - October 1975

354 ?

Email to: Aksel Ludvigsen
Michael Teckemeier

North & South-Mountain, NSComm



Email to: Michael Teckemeier
Mike Thorsen

North Mountain


Email to: Mike Thorsen
Lars Falk


90 - 0400 & 0101 - 04

714, 233, 243, 253

Email to: Lars Falk
Jerry Chaffin

US Army Nike Site

0858 to 0759

North Mountain

Email to: Jerry Chaffin
Henrik Tuxen


1075 - 0879


Email to: Henrik Tuxen
Roy Fields

North Montain

1062 to 1063

Email to: Roy Fields
Warren Peterson

North & South MTN

Summer 52,53,54

1983rd AACS Globecom

Email to: Warren Peterson
James Brackett

North Mountain transmitter site

0663 to 0664

north mountain

Email to:  James Brackett
kurt Enemark

North Mountain, Technician

1985 1986


Email to: kurt Enemark
Richard Aldridge

Aircom, N, & S Mountain

Jan-Jul 1970

civilian contractor barracks

Email to: Richard Aldridge
Lars Hansen

Transmitter Site, NMTN

1997 - 1998


Email to: Lars Hansen
Ed Kershaw

South Mountain receiver site

0564 - 0565

South Mtn

Email to: Ed Kershaw
Richard M. Stott

U. S. Army B Btry Orderly Room

June 1963 - May 1964

North Mountain Power Station

Dear Richard - sorry but i do not have a valid email address to you...


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