Please, spent a minute of your precious time; write your data from the period of your life when you was at Thule, to the forum.

I´ll try to make this site into a home for Thule Airbase, old-timers. It´s very important that you fill all the rows below, else you are not able to submit your data to the forum. If you do not have your own homepages just leave the two rows with the pre-printed text.
it is of odd most importance that you remember to tell me when you change your email address, or else me and all the Thuleites can not went back to you. You write what you think you´ll tell us, but more information´s, gives your buddies a bigger chance, finding you.

Thanks in advance...


City, Country:
Homepage URL:
Homepage Title:
Your Work place up there?:
Period at Thule?:
what barrack do you live in?: