Camp Century and Camp TUTO.
Camp Century and Camp TUTO.


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In memory of
In memory of



Chaplain (capt) Paul J Lynch
Capt. Owen B Neff Pilot
1st Lt. Joseph F Garrity Jr. Co-pilot
SFC John H Lawton Crew chief
PFC Jerald L Murphy
US Army Polar R&D Center
Mr. Ole Schou - Danish National
Killed near Camp Century 24 August 1961.




Harold Adams




Sergio J. Zilli;




Old-timers who were there..
Old-timers who were there..






Bld. #.


John Gyllands story John Gylland

Red Rock Ice Cliffs


Rest in Peace.
Bill Kubinski

588th Engineers


Email to: Bill Kubinski
Don Moore

Ice cat Century



Email to: Don Moore
Peter Handleson's story... Peter Handleson

Polecat Swings and Camp Century

Mar 59 - Sep 59

Camp Century

Email to: Nanci Handleson
Nate Galbreath

U. S. Army supply officer

0454 to 1254


Email to: Nate Galbreath
Paul Barankovichs story Paul Barankovich

Camp Century

1962 - 1965

Camp Century

Email to: Paul Barankovich
Kenneth Stormer

In the welding shop

03 - 10 1957


Email to: Kenneth Stormer
Bob Mitchell

Signal Corp Weath obs

sum 61 - fall 62

Camp Century

Email to:
Douglas Wayne Bennett

Camp Tuto (PR&DC) Ft Belvoir, Va.

Apr 62 - Oct 62

Camp Tuto

Email to: Douglas Wayne Bennett
Harry Crocker

Weath. Signal Corp, Camp Tuto

1962 - 1963

Camp Tuto

Email to:
Sam Scott

Glacial geologist, deep coring project

March 14, 1961 - June 6, 1961

Camp Century

Email to: Sam Scott
Donnie R. Hall's Story... Donnie R. Hall

supply at Tuto

1962 - 1965


Email to:
Bill Skaggs

Polar Research, Dev. Arm

59 - 60


Email to:
John Flint

U.S. Navy Rep.

1963 - 1968

Email to:
Ron Fleischman

Operations, Camp TUTO

5/64 - 9/65

Email to: Ron Fleischman
Earl Pfohl

Thule, Tuto, Century

1958 - 1960

Thule, Tuto, Century

Email to:
Lloyd Nelson's Story.... Lloyd Nelson

7th Artillery Group

1960 - 1961

Email to:
Ken Potter

Camp Century 1960, Camp Tuto 1961, 1962

1960 - 1962

Camp Century, Camp TUTO

Email to: Ken Potter
Paul Cassidy

Camp Century

1962 - 1964

Camp Century

Email to: Paul Cassidy
Joe Tankersley

Camp TUTO, Heavy Swing, Camp Century

1959 - 1961

Email to:
Robert Hlucky

588th Engineers

61 To 62

Camp Century

Email to: Robert Hlucky
John W. Golding

como shack or switchboard rm.

summer 1965/66


Email to: John W. Golding
Karl Osterloh

Army Flight Det,. Fort Belvoir CAMP CENTURY

1964 to 1967

Email to: Karl Osterloh
Darryl E Frantz

Electrican for 588th Const Engs

May 1960 to Sept 1961.

Camp TUTO, Camp Century

Email to:
Jack S Gibson, CWO

Army Avn, Thule @ Camp Tuto

58 and 59


Roger D. Hobbs

588th Engrs, surveyor for trenches and reactor.


Camp Century

Email to:
Mike Pieruzzi

Thule, Camp Tuto, Camp Century

7/63 to10/63


Allen Reed

Camp TUTO, and Fist Clench 58

58 to 61


Email to:
Bill Korpi

Supply.. Camp TUTO

1963 to 1965

Email to: Bill Korpi
Ralph Abad

Polor Research And Devlopment

1967 to 1968

U.S.Army The Mountain men

Email to: Ralph Abad
Bill Laister

Signal Meteorology Team Camp Century

61 to 62

Email to:
SP4 Pete Rakowski AKA Rocky

dozer and grader opr

spring 62 to fall 62

Camp Tuto 588th

Email to:
William Gebhart

Camp TUTO laundry and barbershop

1961 to 1962

Email to: William Gebhart
Harry E Hill

Camp TUTO and Thule

0458 to 0459


Email to:
Jimmy Anderson

Radio opp. Century, TUTO, and Swing

1061- 0663

Email to: Jimmy Anderson
Timothy H. Bumb


Apr - Jul '67

Email to:
Harold D. Hammack




Email to: Harold D. Hammack
Billy Farris

1964 to 1968

Heavy equipment operator, Camp century

Email to:
Michael H. Haap

Weather Obs Sig Corp Army

02 - 0661 & 06 - 1062

TUTO West & Camp Century

Email to: Michael H. Haap
Herbert Berg

Camp Tuto- Welding shop

1063 to 0665


Email to:
Ralph PJ. Lovering

water supply Camp Century, Tuto

1963 1964 1965


Email to: Ralph PJ. Lovering
Fred Carmany

PR&DC orderly room Camp Tuto

july thru sep 63-64


Email to:
Jon Fresch

Photo Lab, Camp TUTO

Summers 64, 65, 66


Email to: Jon Fresch
Harry Hill




Roger Hellickson

Headquarters Bldg - Camp Tuto

59 and part of 60

Camp Tuto

Bill Taylor


1960 - 1963


Email to:
Ray Hansen

Was Ops O, later 2IC, of the 1st EATF

Tuto in the 1956 and 1957 seasons.


Email to: Ray Hansen
Jerry Hunt

Camp Century, CampTUTO

0559 0959 \/ CampTuto 05 - 0960

Roger I. Hale

Camp TUTO all maintence shops

1958,1965 different tours


Email to:
Barrat Scott

Camp Century & Camp Tuto


Camp Century & Camp Tuto

Email to: Barrat Scott
Solon L Cole

PM-2A Shift Supervisor--Nuclear

1960-61 winter---then again late 61

Nuclear crew quarters and NCOs club when off duty at the plant---d397 diesel trained at caterpillar

Email to:
Harold J Simpson

Diesel Generators camp backup

1962 to 1964

Camp TUTO and Century

Email to:
Michael Cahn

USA RSG, Camp Tuto

Summer 1965 1966


Email to: Michael Cahn
David Craig

Science and Engr. Assistant for the US Army CRREL

03/04-66 TUTO & Century


Email to: David Craig
Prentice Liller

Communications Chief

1956 - 1962


Email to:
Harlan Gould

Camp Tuto


Email to:
Robert Rommelman

Camp Tuto, Maint & Opns Depts

Summers of 1964 & 1965


Email to: Robert Rommelman
Bill Simmons

Heavy Swing

July to Aug 1967

Email to: Bill Simmons
Ron Alfaro

Camp TUTO, signal section


Email to:
SFC Ronald L. Ash

USA Radio Propagation Station.

0764 to 0765


Email to:
Harold \"Buz\" Keith

Mess hall

2 tours 66-67

General quarters - Tuto/winter camp & Century

Email to:
Tom Bohan

Site 2, Camp Fistclench


Email to: Tom Bohan
Frank Frangis

Alco, mechanical engineer, Camp Century

1963 - 1967

Camp Century

Email to: Charlie Frangis
John Duff


0465 to 0865

Not sure, Century

Email to:
John Byerly

Camp Century

summers of 1963,64,65

Students Barracks

Email to:
Jim Matlack

Laundry & Orderly Room

Summer 65 / Winter 66

USA RSG Support, Camp Tuto

Email to: Jim Matlack
Robert Michele

Camp Tuto



Email to: Robert Michele
Howard Richardson

Camp Tuto Heavy Equipement

0561 to 1061

Camp Tuto

Email to: Howard Richardson
Ronald Simons

Camp Tuto & Camp Century

1964 - 1964


Email to: Ronald Simons
Bill Rapp

Envionmental Monitor

0562 to 1062

Camp Century

Email to:
Gil Miceli

Both Camp Tuto & Camp Centry


TUTO and Century

Email to: Gil Miceli
John Spann

Camp Tuto

0360 to 0760, & 0960 to 1260

Camp Tuto

Email to: John Spann
Joseph Polidor Sp4

Supply Specialist

0361 to 1061&0962 to 0163

Camp Tuto

Email to: Joseph Polidor Sp4
Gary Lore

51st Ordnance co.

1260 to 1261

EM Barracks 515

Email to:
Mike Sullivan

Camp TUTO, S-4 Storage and loading swings

Apr-Sep 1960

T-5 Hut

Email to: Mike Sullivan
John Arthur

supply sgt

1963 to 1966


Email to: John Arthur
William E. Poulos

Mostly on icecap/ Site 2

52 to 53

VIP QTRS(Not a vip!)

Email to: William E. Poulos
Chuck Droll

PolarPlaza- bldg 84 Weather Det.

0653 to 0654

Base Weather- Site 2

Email to: Chuck Droll
Rich Haney

Maint, Camp Tuto, Century

0464 to 0866

Tuto, Century

Email to: Rich Haney
Kristian Pedersen

Material Control

1966 til 1968

G. Dave Teja

USAPR&DC Operations Section

0460 to 0860

Don't recall, but we built it

Email to: G. Dave Teja
Joe Baude

P Mtn, Remote Site II, BMEWS

5/53-7/54, 4/59-10/60


Email to: Joe Baude
John Morgan

camp Tuto

0955 to -0856


Email to: John Morgan
John A. Ricard

Site 2 and Camp Century

Fall of 1964

Lived in Wanigans on the Ice

Email to: John A. Ricard
Brad Millar

Shift Supervisor, PM-2A

3 trips, \'61 to \'64

One that ended up heading for the sewer hole.

Email to: Brad Millar
Phil Albin

Tuto East & West, Camp Century


Do not remember.

Email to: Phil Albin
Gil Markle

Camp Century



Email to: Gil Markle
Kenneth Brant

Camp Tuto - Army Medic

1962 to 1965 4 trips

Dispensary at Tuto

Email to: Kenneth Brant
John E Morgan

camp Tuto



Email to: John E Morgan
John F. Davis

Camp Tuto


Next to Group Headquarters

Email to: John F. Davis
Wayne [Ottinger] McMahan

Laundry & Mess Sergent

1964 to 1968

camp tuto

Email to: Wayne [Ottinger] McMahan
Robert Rizer


winter 62-63


Email to:
Gayle Anderson

Finance Officer Camp Tuto

Summer of 1964 & 1965

Not sure

Email to: Gayle Anderson
Bill Huxtable

Admin Officer HQ Co USARSG

1964 1965

BOQ hut

Email to: Bill Huxtable
Harold Adams

Machinist PR & DC-ETM Company


Century, TUTO

Jerry Pepin

Tuto West and Camp Century

Winters of 1961-62 and 1962-63

Tuto West and Camp Century

Email to: Jerry Pepin
Erven Fox

PR&DC Headquarters

1962 & 1963

Camp Tuto

Email to: Erven Fox
John W. White

First Eng. Arctic Task Force


Thule Base, Tuto Rd., and site 2 on the icecap

Email to: John W. White
Chester Langway

Camp Tuto, Site 2



Email to: Chester Langway
Charles Schultz

Water Point, Camp Century

Camp Century - 61-62

Repair and Utility

Email to: Charles Schultz
Michael Slowik

Swing and camp tuto

last crew of 1967

Lived in thule airbase and etm motorpool at tuto

Email to: Michael Slowik
Arnold Haynes

Equipment operator, Camp Tuto

6-3-56 to 6-3-57

end Quonset Hut next to road

Email to: Arnold Haynes
Ron Martin

U.S. Army 87th Engineer Bat.


Camp Century

Email to: Ron Martin
Sergio J. Zilli



Camp Tuto/Camp Century

Email to: Sergio J. Zilli
Francis CHICK Ahearn

Dispatcher Motorpool

1956 1957

1st row Jamesway No.: 4

Email to: Francis CHICK Ahearn
SP5 Ernest W Middleton



Camp Tuto/Camp Century

Email to: SP5 Ernest W Middleton
Jerry Dyer

Camp Tuto

1960-1962, 1Yr.5Mos.18Days

Old Quansets Camp Tuto

Email to: Jerry Dyer
Paul Girard

Motor Pool

Spring of 1963

Camp Tuto

Email to: Paul Girard
George Ventz

Camp Tuto & Camp Century

1959, 1960

TUTO, 6 Century

Email to:
Preston Raynie

HQ clerk/typist

Summer 62- spring 63/fall 63

not sure

Email to: Preston Raynie
Dennis Mayo CO>C 588th

Camp Century

04 to 1062

I don\'t remember

Email to: Dennis Mayo  CO>C 588th
Bernard Polis

Camp Tuto

03-08 1965,1966

Email to: Bernard Polis
Johnnie Hale

Dining Hall Camp Tuto

winter 1964 and winter winter 1965

The Cook\'s barracks

Email to: Johnnie Hale
Michael J. Harpin

Welder-Blacksmith, Tuto & Century


Do not remember

Email to: Michael J. Harpin
Jim Carpenter

Camp S

0454 - 0954

Don\'t remember

Email to: Jim Carpenter
Kenneth Hullett (MSG RET) USA

Camp Tuto/ Thule AFB

Summer of 1964

Quansets at Tuto

Email to: Kenneth Hullett (MSG RET) USA
Willie Wright

S-4 Supply

Summer 1961 and 1962

T 5 Hut Army

Email to: Willie Wright
Basil Owens

Laundry, TUTO/plumming at century.

summer 65 winter66

not sure direction

Email to: Basil Owens
Jim Capron

Just passed thru on the way, Camp Tuto.

1960 and 1961

Camp Tuto

Email to: Jim Capron
Roger Rhodes

Swing radio operator , camp II/Camp Fistclesh....


row nearest motor pool

Email to: Roger Rhodes
Marvin W. Buchanan

TUTO Supply


#1 Tuto

Email to: Marvin W. Buchanan
Kenneth (Ken) Hullett

Avation Sectrion --Tuto

Summer 63 or 64 TDY


Email to: Kenneth (Ken) Hullett
George Miller

Camp Tuto

1958 - 1959


Email to: George Miller
Tim Sullivan

Site 2-1960; Century Winter 60/61;CenturySummer 61

Email to: Tim Sullivan
Jack N. Clevinger

Trans Artic Group -Army

1955 - 1956

Email to: Jack N. Clevinger
Ronald S Gagliano

Camp Tuto&Century

1959 - 1961

green one

Email to: Ronald S Gagliano
Jerry Greelis

1956 - 1957

931st AC&W Sq.

P-mtn and Site 2

Email to: Jerry Greelis
Virgil L. Crawford

TUTO - Crane & Dozier Operator


Don\'t remember

Email to: Virgil L. Crawford
LeRoy S Thatcher

Camp Century

May 1960 to Oct. 1960

dont remember

Email to: LeRoy S Thatcher
Russell Kanarowski

Camp Tuto supply

after the gym burned down to Aug 1967


Email to: Russell Kanarowski
Larry A Walters

Carpentry shop

1963 - 1965

EM barracks

Email to: Larry A Walters
Hugh Sheeks

Site II - Fist Clench

May - Sept. 1953

Ice Tunnel Jamesway

Email to: Hugh Sheeks

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